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Speaking up

News at Ten came down to the farm to talk to me about climate change and the threats that farmers face to their businesses, livelihoods and future from a warmer, wetter climate

I was stunned and honoured to be interviewed about #WhyWeFarm for the Greatest Online Ag Show at the beginning of May 2020 in the middle of the Coronavirus Lockdown.

It's a 20min interview with the great Will Evans @willpenrievans who does the Rock& Roll Farming Podcast.

At Oxford Farming Conference in 2019, I stood up for sugar growers and invited Sir Ian Cheshire to visit my farm and a factory to see for himself how green, sustainable and efficient our industry is. He visited in April and the final RSA report removed any negative references to sugar beet.

Sugar Beet  Review did a profile on the family & farm for their January 2018 issue ahead of an (unpaid) advertisement we did for Germains.  Click the icon to read the article in a separate viewer

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I am now a regular columnist and contributor for Farmers Guardian - a weekly agricultural magazine.

You can find all my articles by following this link 

Tom Clarke's Articles on Farmers Guardian


I kicked off the questioning at Oxford Farming Conference 2020 with a challenge to then Defra Secretary, Theresa Villiers, to show the government 'had our back' in the face of calls for the UK to end farming as we know it. 

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